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This time of year always takes me back to the 80s… Afterall, did any decade give us better horror? But of course…NOT! Think of it: the Big Eighties delivered a plethora of Big haunts like The Shining, Poltergeist, The Howling, and Ghost Story, to name a few. Scream screen icons like “Michael Myers” and “Norman Bates” continued their terrifying adventures during the decade…and then we met some iconic horror characters for the first time, like “Jason,” “Freddie,” and even Michael Jackson’s Thriller zombie.

But perhaps the greatest horror-comedy came in 1987… Long before ‘Twilight‘ started the teen vamp craze, “The Lost Boys” took a bite out of everyone with a film you could really sink your teeth into.

Lost Boys poster

If you had any doubts going in, this movie made you see the light: it really is fun to ...

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San Antonio’s Spirit of the Radio: Remembering Joe Anthony

{Michael Lee’s blog from Michael Lee Band}

It’s the season for conjuring up spirits. And for some reason, I’ve been haunted lately by one spirit in particular….that of a rock legend who’s been gone now for over 23 years. Yet, I can close my eyes…remember his voice…and be instantly transported back in time- every time I listen to one of the legendary rock tunes this pioneering disc jockey brought to South Texas listeners of KISS-FM / KMAC-AM radio back in the day…

Like so many others who grew up in San Antonio- “the Heavy Metal Capital of the world!” on Friday nights, I worshipped at the altar of The Godfather.

Legendary Rock DJ Joe Anthony


Joe Anthony was the Godfather of Rock N Roll.

The San Antonio-native radio DJ not only played incredible music, introducing unbelievably tale...

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Glory Daze: The Astros Give Us OCTOBER Deja Vu

As The Lost Boys celebrate 10 years on the Houston nightlife scene, it’s hard to believe it’s been that long a playoff drought since the Astros were playing meaningful ball in October. But who could forget the last time Houston was in the playoffs: it was the World Series!

The Houston Astros celebrate their big win over the St. Louis Cardinals in the NLCS to propel them to their first World Series.

The Houston Astros celebrate their big win over the St. Louis Cardinals in the NLCS to propel them to their first World Series.

One of the big heroes of that ’05 Astros team was catcher Brad Ausmus, along with hometown favorites like pitchers Andy Pettitte and “The Rocket”- Roger Clemens. (Mike had just completed a TV interview with “The Rocket” at his Memorial home in Houston earlier that spring, so it was great to see Clemens lead the Astros to some real glory...

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Reflections of an 80s Keyboard Player: Andrew’s 80s Music Concert Experiences and Meeting Heroes

simple minds

10/15/13              Waited my whole life to see Simple Minds in concert and finally got to see them at the amazing Orpheum Theatre in Lost Angeles, California!  The show was amazing – they played all the hits and worked the crowd like it was an 80,000+ soccer stadium.  During “Don’t You Forget About Me”, I saw a gentleman run down to the foot of the stage from his seat and Jim Kerr exclaimed, “Keith!!”  I immediately knew who he meant and made a mental note of where he was sitting.  After the concert we walked over and introduced ourselves and got to meet the legendary songwriter, musician and producer, Keith Forsey...

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