Andrew Richardson

Andrew Richardson, Keyboards and Vocals

Andrew Richardson, Keyboards and Vocals


Keyboardist Andrew Richardson oozes Nashville pride. Not only did he pick up a degree in music from Belmont University in Music City, but he also played in a country-blues band there for five years (“uh, stick with us kid… you’ll go places.”) And, he hung out with the beautiful daughters of Mr. Monday Night Football, Hank Williams, Jr. (Yes, Holly Williams!)

Andrew Richardson was born into a home in Houston, Texas, where music was a big part of daily life. And 80’s music was constantly inspiring, as it sung out from the radio, tape player or record player.  He can even remember writing songs as far back as the third grade.  He took some rudimentary piano and guitar lessons, but after a certain point began teaching himself to play by listening to songs repeatedly and duplicating them note for note.  In high school and his freshman year of college, he was a member of Houston’s awesome blues band The Poorboys with notable legendary Houston blues badass, The Mighty Orq – “we had amazing bands opening for us like Blue October, Tumbledown, and Deep Ella!”

The rest of his college years were spent at Belmont University, off Nashville’s Music Row, earning a music business degree, constantly in the campus recording studio, and rocking Nashville and other cities (in other states) in a southern rock band called Crooked Creek.

After living in a couple of other cities like Los Angeles and Austin, he decided to return to Houston.  It wasn’t long before he met a drummer that was starting an 80’s cover band (at the time a nameless band) looking for a keyboard player.  He has been in The Lost Boys family since then and has never looked back!  He also plays keyboards, writes songs, and “sangs” a little, in an up and coming Katy based country band Chris Boise & The Mason Road Band.