Jason Ward, Bass and Vocals

Jason Ward, Bass and Vocals


Jason was an original member of the Lost Boys in 2003, but
true to form– he got lost. He resurfaced in 2006, and the
rest is Lost Boys history. (Tune in to VH1 ‘Behind The
Music: The Lost Boys’ to find out more… in 2017)

In the meantime, Jason Ward’s story goes something like
this….beginning in the humble, swampy backwoods of
Deweyville, TX, where a combination of Waylon Jennings
and Barry Manilow (don’t ask, he’ll just laugh rudely)
formed his musical roots…until the unthinkable

Whenever his parents would go out, the warning always
came: “No MTV.” And as soon as the door was closed,
guess the favorite channel? You got it…and Jason
absorbed every band like a sponge, from Duran Duran
(New Moon On Monday was the first video he ever saw), to
ZZ Top, Lionel Richie, The Gloved One himself, Billy Idol,
The Stray Cats, Slade…the list went on. Of course, it was
the Metal bands of the day that really fired up his little
brain…Ratt, Twisted Sister, Motley Crue…

Jason spent the better part of the 80’s jamming his favorite
bands, until moving south of Houston in 1985, joining
beginner band in Elementary school, and continuing on
through High School as a baritone player, then moving
close to the swamps again in 1990. During that time, Jason
made (for him) a huge discovery…KISS. And that sealed
the deal…he wanted to be a Rock’n’Roller when he grew
up. (We’re still waiting on the growing-up part.)