Renee Edd

Renee Edd, Lead Vocals

Renee Edd, Lead Vocals


Lead Vocalist Renee Edd sang before she spoke.

She has worked with several popular Houston bands like Primal Funktion, Surrender Dorothy, & Pocket Change. She’s also been part of several original pop-rock projects including ‘Osiris’. Her original music has been heard on local radio and internet radio. She’s toured all over Texas and performed in places as far away as Paris, London, Puerto Vallarta, & Scotland as well as all over the US in groovy cities like New Orleans, Nashville, New York & Orlando.

She’s worked with MTV, Rolling Stone, and ABC – New York. Her other gigs include directing and producing award-winning film, commercials, corporate video projects and coaching acting for film.

With her operatic and broadway training, the only thing she can’t sing is Death Metal… oh, well. We all have our limitations.