Tony Rodriguez


Tony Rodriguez, Drums and Percussion

Combine passion and intensity his name is Tony Rodriguez Jr. His playing style speaks for itself. With deep roots to 80’s genre of classic rock, metal to sleaze rock and in between his love for music drives his desire to remain in the music scene in Houston TX where he has lived growing up influenced by diversity of a cultural rich city.

His influences range from some of the early jazz clinics he attended with Billy Cobham, Dave Weckl and Anton Fig. Inspired by early 50’s, 60’s and 70’s rock and don’t forget disco…..

Keeping an adverse playing style and diving into the “now scene” is where it’s at for Tony. After a hiatus from playing bass with “Head First” in 2000 and several years to follow on the Richmond Strip playing at Sam’s Boat and Sherlock’s to name a few his crave for drumming changed his course of venue to the Clearlake Scene with “Big Slick” in 2011. Tony‘s natural talent and a great ear for music sets the tone for his current aspirations which will ignite the stage as expected with his power hits as he swirls his sticks. His portfolio includes local bands “Winter’s End” classic 80’metal and “Vanity Crimes” sleaze rock all original tunes. Added accomplishments include an EP and full length albums as well as numerous recording sessions.

Currently a new addition to “The Lost Boys” is an excitement in itself. It’s a pleasure to work with seasoned pros and have fun while the crowd has a blast is where it’s at for Rock’riguez.